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it's going to be legen...wait for it


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things i like:
watching television online
having long fingernails (i finally kicked the habit!)
walk in closets

things i love:
extremely nerdy things that used to be lame but are now really cool (star trek, for one.)
20th history, specifically world war II
facial hair (eyebrows count)
seeing teachers from my high school on the street and making them awkward
anderson cooper, ballet, barney stinson, bravo, bret mckenzie, bright young things, british accents, broken equipment, camp fitch, cartoons, chocolate, coffee, colombia, curly hair, degrassi: the next generation, don draper, drawing, dvj, eddie izzard, eurotrip, ewan mcgregor, executive transvestites, fairly oddparents, fax machine anthems, fifa u 17, fleece, flight of the conchords, fry and laurie, gilmore girls, glee, gogol bordello, gossip girl, harry potter, himym, house, hugh laurie, hunter college high school, i'm with coco, italy, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, jason segel, jews, jizz in my pants, jon hamm, jon stewart, jonathan rhys-meyers, kaka, knitting, latin, lemonade, light up sweater vests, little brothers, lolcats, love actually, mad men, michael ian black, michael showalter, mix tapes, mixing drinks, mmhi, monosylabacilly, monty python, movies, neil patrick harris, new york city, noel fielding, nyc, paul rudd, people with three names, portfolios, post its, potatoes, regina spektor, robert sean leonard, scarlett johansson, september, shakira, sirius black, sixteen and pregnant, skins, sleeping, soccer, sondre lerche, star trek, stella, stephen campbell moore, stewart/colbert 2008, sunglasses, the 1950s, the colbert report, the daily show, the history boys, the lonely island, the mighty boosh, the nutcracker, the riches, the tribeca film festival, the tudors, the world cup, truth or dare, us history, velvet goldmine, vh1, watches, wet hot american summer, where is the lid?, world war 2, zachary quinto, zooey deschanel